Wednesday, May 05, 2004


The red car was having problems parking. Right in front of us. There are several others on-lookers: the couple of guys seating next to the railing and the two women seating behind us. I hear "Oh my god!" and see the car hitting the green Honda parked just behind. There's a guy in front of the car, helping and directing the driver. Almost 5 minutes of maneuvering. It is painful to watch. Touching the sidewalk. The green Honda. The SUV in front is carefully spared. "Noblesse oblige".

The man in front of the car is smiling apologetically. "It's her first time".
We are rooting for her now. Don't give up! Don't give up! You'll make it!
She does eventually and emerges from her car under a round of applause. A small woman with long brown hair. Clearly puzzled by the commotion she is causing. Her friend smiles and bows playfully. They leave.

Later, when the two guys eating sushi are replaced by a lesbian couple with a dog and that no one but us know of the struggle for that space, the two are back ready to leave. The friend is again stationed outside and he makes sure the green Honda and the SUV survive the last act. The car is out in no time.

Less than a minute after they have left, the owner of the green Honda comes. A young guy with a clean cut beard, he leaves blissfully unaware of the pain and anxiety his car has caused this evening.
Only we have seen it all.