Sunday, October 17, 2004

"Cachez ce sein que je ne saurais voir"

I am just coming back from the theater. "Elephant Man" was playing at a small theater on a residential street at the other side of the city. An extraordinary acting performance from the lead actor playing the title role. In one of the scenes, John, the "Elephant Man", tells his woman friend that he has never seen a naked woman. After a witty dialogue exchange, it becomes clear that she is going to give him that opportunity herself. She asks him to turn around for a moment and she opens up her corset to let him look to his heart content.
On stage, the actress has her back to us, she is slightly turned to the left to face her partner. We are sitting on the right side of the theater so her bust is all but invisible to us. I can only see the top of her left breast and her pointed nipple. A couple is sitting on the front row facing her. The man is in his 50's, his companion a little younger. She is looking at the actress, as she is offering her nakedness. Her head is slightly turned to the right. The man's head is completely straight as if he was only looking at the actor in front of him, ignoring the actress who is speaking. I cannot see his eyes.


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