Sunday, May 09, 2004

One-way street

I am coming out of my place and see this car that is doing a U-turn. I live on a one-way street. I start making signs, shouting "this is a one way", but to no avail. There are two young guys in the car and they are ignoring my warnings. The car turns, faces the wrong way. I keep shouting. The front window slides down slowly and I hear both of them in chorus "We know!!". I'm both stunned and annoyed. Annoyed that these two guys are so blatantly ignoring the rules. Annoyed that they are knowingly driving the wrong way on a one-way street. Annoyed that I can't figure out why.
I laugh at their sheer nerves and my laugh gets me the explanation. I hear "I'm giving his car a jump start". A pause. "With cables?" with an interrogation mark in the voice. As if he wanted to make sure I knew what cables were and what they were meant for. As if the first part was not enough for me to understand the plan. As if I was a nosy child who needed the most complete explanations.


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