Monday, May 24, 2004

The shadow of the Sun

We've been invaded by bugs. Billions of them, with big red eyes and large wings. Harmless but quite impressive. They've been everywhere around the place I work but almost invisible in the city.
I am in a bus on my way to meet up with friends. The woman on my right leans forward and signals to a woman in front that she has an insect on her bag. It's one of them. The invaders.
The reaction is quite spectacular. She screams and throws her bag on her side where it lands almost on the lap on a young blond woman reading. Her book is called "The shadow of the Sun" and features a map of Africa on the cover. She raises her head and slowly puts her book down. Everyone is looking at her. She calmly reaches to the bag, grabs the red-eyed cicada by its wings and throws it out of a small opening in the window behind her.
She is thanked profusely by the woman who explains, loud enough to be heard by everybody, that she found one in her hair in the morning and that her disgust stems from this incident.
The young blond woman nodes and resumes her reading with the contented air of someone who has just triumphed from a major test.


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