Saturday, May 15, 2004

Beautiful alcohol

After the opening performance of a play, I am talking to the lead actress. I sort of know her. Still totally blown away by her ability to be so smooth, so at ease with herself, so aware of her every gestures. Even now, off-stage, schmoozing with us.
I am with S. He offers compliments on the play and the performance.
We leave. "Beautiful. Simply beautiful". I realize that I was thinking aloud when I heard S. answering "She is, but she is not my type."

Later, seated at the terrace of a bar, enjoying the breeze and the freshness of the night, we talked little about the play. A taxi pulls right in front of us and a man comes out. He is so drunk, he can't even make it to the entrance of the bar. I catch S. smiling at the sight.

After half a glass of wine, I feel at ease, smooth and aware of my every move.


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