Sunday, May 30, 2004

The wish

This time I got my wish. I was in the bus looking out the window when I saw a scene and wished I knew the story behind it.
There was a black guy walking and right in front of him, this white kid jumped into his arms in a warm embrace. They're at the center of a group of people. All in their twenties.
"Stop requested". We're at the bus station now. A woman wants to exit here. As she is stepping down the stairs in front of the driver, she changes her mind and starts asking questions about the next stop, the bus route and the best way to get to the address she has. She is there talking and people in the bus are getting restless as is the driver.
You're in or out of this bus, lady. Make up your mind!
She ignores them superbly and as she finally decides to come back on board, I see a couple of the young fellows running toward the door and board the bus. They made it!
There is a tall, blond guy wearing a Diesel T-shirt and plastic flip-flops. Two women sitting in front of him. One raises to grab a bus schedule and gives one authoritatively to her friend who takes it silently but doesn't unfold it. A black guy wearing a red T-shirt is sitting just behind me. I recognize him from the scene I just witnessed. I'm waiting for an explanation. I'm not the only one apparently as the woman still looking at the bus schedule turns to him and asks "So, how do you know those guys?" "They're from my home town. I went to school with one of them. They're younger. One year behind."
"So did you know that they'll be in town this week?"
"No. Haven't talked to them for a while."
So. This was it. This splendid embrace. People from his home town. What did I expect?
I'm strangely disappointed and leave the bus as I hear him speak on his cell phone to a friend "Listen. Let me give you a call. We're going to be hanging out."


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