Sunday, September 19, 2004


On my way to the play in a small experimental theater downtown. My friend M. is working with the company and tonight is fundraising night. There will be a party afterward. Food and drink, mingling with the actors.
I am thinking of all this as I exit the subway. In front of me a man is slowing down unexpectedly. Habit of living in a big city, I slow down too, move a bit on the side and keep a close eye on him. I see him staggering and stopping, gripping the railing on the platform. "A drunk" I think and accelerate to avoid any contact with him. I do well. As soon as I passed him, I hear the characteristic groan of someone vomiting. I don't turn my head, just pass quickly through the turnstill toward the escalator. A group of women who has just witnessed the same scene is hurrying too. I hear one saying "Let's just get as far away from him as possible".
We're all practically running now.


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