Saturday, October 23, 2004

Images and sound

On my way to the market, the man dressed in black with a large Mexican hat who was singing a love song, and the several people gathered around him that clearly knew the song by heart. They were a couple of verses ahead and kept shouting the words before he could sing them. The feeling of being in an echo chamber gone mad. The cheer delight of the audience.

At the market a bit further down the road, the line in front the bread stand and the hello I get from Robert, the guy in charge. They're sold out of most of their stuff when I show up, and I start talking to a woman who's standing with him. She speaks a little French and is clearly keen on using it. I enjoy every occasion I have to speak my mother tongue so we chat for a while. About the market (for some reason she wants me to taste the milk sold at an another stand in the market), about the neighborhood.
I leave the place feeling a tiny bit more at home.

On my way back, carrying the newspapers, some bread and a large bag of vegetable, the couple pushing the two strollers coming toward me. Two toddlers are a "twin-stroller" pushed by a man, the woman is slightly behind with a baby sleeping in another stroller.
The two girls in front are singing "Faster, Faster" in rhythm while their dad (?) is almost running, pushing them up the street. He looks exhausted but happy and proud. He smiles and says "Good morning" when we pass each other.


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