Friday, October 29, 2004

Sometimes, Cupid does not give a damn

Yesterday on my way back from the political evening. I left the subway to take the bus back home because the stop is closer to my place than the subway stop.
I sit next to a young guy, a little plump, talking on the phone. As soon as he ends his conversation, a fellow sitting in front of him asks about his phone. "Is this the latest model with e-mail and PDA included?" "No, it's not" smiles back the young guy, "it's an old model, maybe 2 or 3 years old." In technology, this is ancient, warrant of throwing it in the garbage already. "I'd like to get the new one", the young man continues, "I've seen kids with it and it looks really cool". The two start a discussion on the different options available on the new models. I notice that a woman sitting right in front of me is getting restless and wants to join the conversation. The guy sitting next to me gives her the opportunity to do so when he says "Shopping for cell phones, it's like women shopping for cloths. It take them hours and I would stay in an electronic shop for hours". She immediately interrupts "I don't like to shop for cloths. I find something I like and buy several in different colors." She is dressed with a stretch black pant, a blue jean jacket. She is slim and small and has a large braced smile.
They both laugh and the cell-phone guy starts to argue gently with her. The other guy stands up and leaves to go sit at the back of the bus. The move is unnoticed and they keep talking. They're laughing, flirting gently. I can see the moment when he is going to ask her for a phone number when a woman comes on board. She is wearing a tight pair of jeans that squeezes her flesh out. Her jacket does not go that much down and the ripples of flesh are exposed, waves of bared skin despite the chilling temperature. Both look at her and fell completely silent. She gets out one stop before mine, but the conversation between the two has died. When I get out finally, I see that the young woman is also coming out. The young man raises his voice for a last minute "Take care!" She turns her head and smiles as she exits the bus.
Il est des jours où Cupidon s'en fout...


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