Sunday, January 30, 2005

Table for two

I'm on my way to a hip coffee shop with my friend B. visiting for the weekend. The place is packed when we arrive but I see two people raising from a sofa in the corner. I rushed toward it and I am ready to claim it as ours when a woman seating by herself at the table for two nearby says "Do you mind taking the table instead? I need the outlet." We don't mind. In fact, the table is easier for us. We wait as she is carrying her computer and all her stuff on the sofa. She has a new shiny Mac powerbook 15 inch. I've been thinking of buying the 12 inch for about a year now. Waiting for the newest version to come out.
We talk computers a bit. She is giving me her opinion on the machine, its casing, the ease with which it get scratched, its speed. She gets back to work soon afterward and B. and I start to talk.
After about 10 mn a guy carrying the Sunday Washington Post asks the woman on the sofa if she is waiting for someone. This is really a sofa for two and he wants to sit there as well. She is clearly unhappy but has to oblige and gets her stuff out of the sofa. She looks at us with regrets: no one would have bothered her had she been at the table. B. feels guilty. I don't.


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