Sunday, February 20, 2005

Paris (I)

I am waiting for the tramway home. It's Saturday night, about 10 PM. I see someone jumping down on the tracks, looking down. He bent to pick up something and gets back on the platform. After two or three steps, he jumps back down again, and I understand what he does: he is retrieving cigarettes butts that people have thrown away when the train showed up (smoking is forbidden in trains, metro and buses). He seems to find too few good ones because he walks on the platform for a couple of steps asking people who have witnessed his desperate search, for cigarettes. He is young, about 25 or 30 years old, obviously either drunk or high. He wobbles from person to person and then jump back down again on the tracks as if to shame the people who are watching him risking his life for a cigarette they didn't want to give him.
I see him getting back on the platform as the light from the approaching train are getting closer.


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