Thursday, February 10, 2005

Black milk

At the theater tonight. The play, from a young Russian author, is called "Black milk", a title that obviously brings to mind the poem from Celan. No connection that I could find. The pain here is self-inflicted.
In the second act, the lead actor is having an argument with his girlfriend/wife. She just gave birth to their first child, a girl, and she has had enough of the life of drifters and con-artists that they have been leading. She wants out. He will not let her.
Their relation is no relationship. It is sheer power struggle, insults, shouts and hits. He beats her up and in an access of rage, steps onto the bottle of milk a peasant has given them for the newborn.
On stage, the prop is a plastic bag filled with a white liquid. When the actor steps on it, the bag explodes and the liquid is projected forward. The first row is drenched.
Most people don't say anything, but one woman does not take it well. She gathers her stuff and leaves.
The play finishes soon afterward and I am describing the scene to my friend who was too immersed in the play to have noticed. I joke that the theater will have a lawsuit on their door steps before the weekend (this is DC after all..).
As we exit, I see the woman outside with her friends. I can see the stops left on her sweater. She is talking loudly. I hear her say "If they wanted me to be part of the play, they should have asked first".
Before the weekend.


Blogger Huan said...

I enjoy reading your vignettes.

Black Milk is also a great song by Massive Attack.

7:14 AM  
Blogger Just said...

Thanks, I enjoy writing them..

I'll look the song up. The poem is not to be missed.

12:33 AM  

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