Friday, March 18, 2005

Tokyo (III)

My last images of Tokyo.

The festival at the temple. We stumbled onto it by chance. It's a huge parade with a giant dragon and singers with white make-up. At the end of the dragon dance, everyone rushes to its head to touch it for good luck. My friend does not want to do it but I rush along with everyone else. I explain to him that it is to know what the dragon is made of, but frankly it's because I can use all the luck I can find.

The kids in the subway who bowed to me when I looked at them too long. A way of introducing themselves I suppose. I bowed back and we went on bowing for a good 2 minutes.
When they leave they all say in English "Nice to see you!" obviously as eager to practice their English as I was my bowing.

The fish market and all the sea creatures that I didn't even know existed. A giant killing field, stinking but surprisingly clean. The tank from which the fish is taken out for superfresh sushi.


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