Friday, March 11, 2005

Chicago (I)

On my way to Japan, I have a stop over in Chicago. I have not slept all the night before so the flight is spent recovering from that abuse. I wake up as we approach the windy city.
We're flying over the lake and I have a magnificent view of the downtown and the skyline.
The buildings look like small legos aligned by a clever kid. We keep going north and I can see Wrigley Field, then we turn and the lake disappears as we are flying over the west part of the city. The plane is still going down, slowly approaching the ground. Cars are still toys but more details are visible. We pass over a snowy field inside the city and I see that someone took the trouble to write FUCK! in giant letters in the snow.
A silence insult invisible by all except planes and God.


Blogger Sean Carroll said...

Only a New Yorker (or an adoptive one) would see a curse word in the snow and think "Gee, they must be trying to emulate New York."

Hope your travels are going well.

11:20 AM  

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