Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Safe passage.

The sidewalk in front of the movie theater is being repaired and the post office right next to it is out of reach of the woman on a wheelchair.
She is an old lady sitting on an motorized wheelchair with a small basket on the front. I see her when she reaches the tape that is blocking the street and calls one of the worker for help. They're pouring the concrete in and a huge truck is backing up to dump in some more. The sidewalk is dusty and filled with construction material. There's no way for the woman to cross.
She calls up the man in charge and after several seconds of talk, I see him waving to a guy who comes running toward her. He lifts the tape that block the sidewalk and shouts orders to the other guys who quickly make a way for her to maneuver around the truck. She rides her wheelchair slowly, across what's left of the ripped sidewalk.
The work resumes after she finishes crossing the work area.
A safe passage to the other side


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