Saturday, April 23, 2005

German house in France

The man was not even seated that he started talking about the house he was having built next to Cannes. I'm on my way from Frankfurt to Nice and I was hoping to catch up with sleep a bit. No such luck as the flow of words is quite rapid in a mixed of German and English.
"I'm a publisher but I'm building a house in a golf course next to Cannes. I am travelling with my workers." He points to different people. "My architect. My electrician. My plumber. My tile specialist" The list contains at least 6 or 7 names. I act impressed. This is what he is after and there is no harm done in indulging him a bit. He is clearly pleased and then I say. "So many people from Frankfurt! You're maybe building in France but you're building a German house!"
I can see that he does not take it as a compliment. It was not meant like one. I just wanted to sleep...


Blogger Solomon2 said...

He may be a German, but don't you think that by wanting to be admired rather than liked he is acting more like a Frenchman?

12:29 AM  

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