Saturday, October 08, 2005

European Union umbrella

The farmer's market that comes here every Saturday. The bread truck is late and we are all waiting for them to show up. A group of about 10 people clutching umbrellas without any convictions as we all are getting wet in the strong rain that is coming down on DC.
I notice that one of the guy waiting has an umbrella with the European Union logo from the time when they were only 15, not 25 or whatever number they are now.
The blue background with the yellow stars dancing (not to say going) in circle.

The bread truck finally arrives and they set up. The guy is now standing under their canopy, his umbrella on his shoulder, pointing at a small angle. He does not notice that water is coming down directly from the roof into the inverted umbrella and directly on his lower back. I can't get my eyes off the water dripping down but for some reason I don't say anything. When he notices what is happening, he is completely drenched. He looks at me as if it were my fault and I can't help feel guilty. Was it the logo on the umbrella that kept me silent?


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