Tuesday, September 27, 2005

Toledo (Spain V)

Still in the cathedral, after my visit to the depressing gallery, I return to find my mother eager to exit. On our way out, she tells me of a scene she has just witnessed. An old man came to the entrance of the gallery and asked the guard to use the private batheroom there. He apparently needed to go without delay. The guard was pityless. "The batheroom is private and you cannot use it. You'll have to exit the cathedral (and pay another 8 Euros if you want to come back in..)".
My mother is outraged with the lack of sympathy from the guard. She has already all sorts of theories on the old man's health and gives me the name of half a dozen medications that could provoke such urgent need.
We get out in the Sun looking for a bathroom too. I had to go.


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