Sunday, January 15, 2006


As I was walking down 16th Street, four guys came out of an apartment building about 10 meters in front of me. They are laughing around when suddenly I see one of them skipping. Skipping just like a little girl. He is skipping a few meters in front of his friends and then laughs when he turns back to face them. He is rather skinny, a young guy wearing a T-shirt in this sunny, but chilly day. His arms rotate in large circles. The whole scene is very childish until I see him jump straight up, spreading his feet in the air and reaching his shoes with his hands fully extended. It is done seemingly effortlessly and he lands on the asphalt, still laughing after this show of pure strength.
A few meters down the road I see all four of them piling up in a car with Florida's licence plates and taking off.


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