Monday, April 17, 2006

Hidden deal

7PM. In front of the Union Station post office. This is the last day before taxes are due and people have all come down here, knowing it will still be opened.
I'm making my way in and overhear a conversation between two homeless people. The woman is sitting, begging near the entrance, hoping to cash in on the sheer number of people streaming in and out of the place. There is a man standing in front of her, pointing his finger to her face. I hear her saying "Do not touch me or I call the police. I say NO" and his plea "but I like you. Honest to god. I like you". Her voice becomes more strident. She is clearly upset and is making clear she wants nothing to do with him. I enter the post office. It is the mad house with a line of about 50 people. I put my letters in one of the boxes and turn around to exit. I've been inside less than one minute. The woman has disappeared from her spot. The man is sitting there now and he is carefully counting some dollar bills that he is clutching. I can't imagine what happened. Maybe she sold her spot, maybe she got scared, maybe, maybe. I regret to have missed that deal.


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