Monday, February 20, 2006

Just say "NO"

I'm in what's called a "ski farm". For $12 one has the right to go around a large patch of mostly flat and groomed snow. It's the perfect way to end a long weekend of intensive skiing. Just a relaxed run around. I have stopped to catch my breath and rest a bit. There is a kid by himself standing in front of me. A few minutes later he is joined by a man who congratulates him on his speed. "You beat me" I hear. The kid is laughing. "You're just not that fast". They both laugh until the man says "OK. I'm timing you this time. You'll race my course and I'll race yours. Three, two, one, GO!". The kid has not moved. The man insists. "GO, GO!" The kid stays put. The man asks the obvious "You don't want to go". The kid shakes his head. He does not want to race. He wants to enjoy the sun, the snow and the company of his father. No Olympic dreams can beat that.


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