Thursday, June 03, 2004


The play ended and everybody was walking toward the exit. Traffic was horrendous and the police officer was trying to put some order into it. She was failing miserably. Yelling at cars, shouting orders to the pedestrians.
She quickly became the main attraction of all the people at the bus stop. One driver, confused by her orders, had stopped in the middle of the intersection. The car was just sitting there.
The police officer comes over to the car and she starts shouting. "What are you doing?" You're in the middle of the intersection! What the hell do you think you are doing? Then she puts herself squarely in front of the car and orders the driver to back up. I see the white light indicating that the car is in reverse, but it does not move. It inches backward while the police officer is getting more and more worked up, shouting louder and louder.
I hear people around me saying "Jeeeeeesus" in chorus. It sounds almost like a curse.

In the bus, there is a guy wearing a yellow shirt. I can see only his back. He is talking to a woman, clearly his girlfriend judging by how close she is standing from him, and a man wearing metal-rim glasses who is holding the playbill rolled like a crêpe.
I see a large bug on the yellow shirt. The insect is walking slowly. I'm not sure what kind it is, but it is big. I resist the temptation to warn anyone as the bug is crawling to the front of the shirt. Sure enough, within seconds the woman lets out a small cry: "You have an enormous..." a sentence left unfinished as the bespectacled man starts using the rolled playbill to hit repeatedly his friend's shoulder. All three look down after a while. Whatever it was, it is dead.
When I get up to exit the bus, I try to check the shirt for any traces of blood from the bug but there are too many people and I can't see anything. Red on yellow. Not a bad choice of colors.


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