Friday, June 25, 2004


The soccer game is over and France lost. I'm still in the bar, waiting for the rain to stop, saddened by the result and the way we lost.
I get outside to escape the Greek supporters who are still shouting their joy. There's no room under the canopy but I find a spot against the bar's window to avoid the water dripping. A tall black guy is also standing there. He moves to let me squeeze by him. I'm now checking movies schedule and hear him laughing out loud for no apparent reason. I ask him why and he points to another guy, speaking and singing on the phone. A skinny black guy with a white sleeveless T-shirt and a beige opened shirt on top. Baggy jeans and flashy sneakers. "That's ...!" Who? The name I hear sounds like "John Davis!" I don't know. I don't recognize him at all and I've never heard the name before. Apparently he is famous. And after telling me this, he turns to the star and asks him "So, what is that, an audition?".
"John Davis" whispers "Hold on a sec" into the phone, turns around a bit and replies, half laughingly, "No, I've already got the part, Man! I've already got the part..."
I try in vain to recall if I've seen him in some movies, some productions, somewhere. Back checking the movies schedule. "What time is it?" I ask my neighbor. He takes his eyes off the movie star to look at his watch, and announces solemnly that he needs time to compute it. Then after 5 long seconds comes "It is 5 PM". I am curious. What is there to compute? "I'm on Nairobi time" he explains showing me his watch indicating noon or midnight,"I just arrive this morning". Nairobi? Kenya?. Yes, he laughs. So what are you checking in this paper? Movies schedule. What sort of movies? Anything really. Documentaries, old movies, new movies. It does not matter. It seems though that, trapped him by the rain, I won't make it on time to any movie...
We talk for a while about a documentary about Clinton, I am curious to see. He shrugs as if it was old news but says nothing. As the rain stops and someone from the bar comes out to tell us not to lean on the front window, he turns around and say bye to the actor. The exchange is quick but friendly as if the two knew each others already. He is gone before I can say anything.


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