Sunday, June 20, 2004

Almost dead

The car missed him by less than 10 cm. I saw it from the bus window as I was coming back from the movie festival. Only two feature films today. With friends for the first one but they bailed out right after. It's such a gorgeous day.

I'm on the bus, on my way home. Watching the little kid no older than three with a baseball cap on backward. The cap gives him a "though guy" look that clashes so obviously with the toddler he is.
He is sleeping with one of his arm clutching his sister. The mother is watching them both from the seat in front.

The bus stops and a guy carrying a plastic bag exits and hurries to cross the street and to catch the bus coming in the opposite direction. He is running, not paying any attention to the traffic. The yellow mini cooper has just the time to veer right to avoid colliding with him. I know from the "Oh my god!" behind me that I was not the only witness of the scene. The yellow car is gone now. The man never stopped running. I see him boarding the bus.
He could have died right here. Today. Trying to catch a bus with a plastic bag in his hand.


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