Tuesday, June 29, 2004

No exit

Is this a new game? A new way to be cool?

I am in the subway late in the day. Seven or eight teens come on board. A couple of them go and sit behind me. The rest stays near the door. As the chime announces the imminent departure of the subway one of the kids put himself between the doors and stands there as they close on him. They squeeze him a little and then bounce back opened. A smooth voice comes over the public system and announces to "Please stay clear of the doors". The kid does not budge. The door has now closed "on him". His friends are laughing as he slowly tries to get back onto the platform. He is squeezing himself out of the doors. First his shoulders, then one arm, one leg. The subway is almost moving when he finally frees himself completely. He is laughing and gesticulating to his friends; so obviously proud of his stunt.


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