Friday, July 30, 2004

Garbage man

The garbage truck is stopped about 10 meters away. A young guy, wearing a dark blue uniform and heavy gloves is walking in front of the truck. I am watching him when I see him coming up to me and I hear what sounds like "Do you want my glove?"
Puzzled I ask him to repeat his question. "Do you want my glove?" I still don't get it and came closer to him. This is when he asks me if I am single and I realize that he has been asking me "Do you want to make love?" I decide to answer the question I thought he was asking. "Why on Earth would I want your glove?" I look at him smirking. He leaves, making his way to a large garbage can from the nearby apartment building.
I marvel at what he thought was a perfectly reasonable question to ask someone waiting for the bus at 7:00 AM.


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