Saturday, July 10, 2004


On my way to get the papers, I see a woman walking toward me. She asks me if this is the way to Columbia road. "No" I tell her, in fact you're going away from it. She turns around and starts walking with me. She is already late. "So much for the shortcut!" she sights. She is in her 20's, wearing flip-flops and a small T-shirt. I tell her not to worry, that her friends will wait for her. She nods and says that she hates being late, it's just inconsiderate. I'm surprised by her frankness. I show her the road to her and gives her directions to her meeting place.
As I am doing that I see a bus, the one that goes directly to where she is going. I point to the bus and says "In fact, this bus goes exactly where you're going". Her answer is quick: she takes off running, astonishingly fast despite the flip-flops impending her moves.
I see her chasing the bus on a long stretch of road. The bus stopped at a red light and there is a stop right after that light. She is still running but with all the cars in the way, I can't see if she makes the stop on time.


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