Thursday, July 08, 2004

True believer

On Tuesday morning the bus which carries us directly from the subway to work didn't show up. We waited 10 minutes past the normal 9:00 AM departure and then boarded another bus, local which takes more than 45 minutes to cover the 10 minute drive to the center.

Yesterday, the same thing happened but this time I decided to take a chance and wait. I was the only one to do that. Everyone else, all the regular of the morning commute, boarded the local bus and left.
After less than 5 minutes wait, my gamble pays off when the express bus shows up. I am the only one left at the station and the driver looks at me puzzled. "Where is everyone?". "They left", I say, " they thought that you will not show up." The driver says nothing at first, shakes his head and drives away. We are soon in front of my stop. He opens the doors wishing me a good day and then adds almost as an afterthought. "Thank you for believing in me." There is no irony in his voice. I am already out and by the time I turn around to answer, he has already closed the doors.

He was on time today and as everybody climbed on board, he greeted me with a conspiratorial smile. I will never take the local again. It's a question of faith.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

What do you mean "faith"? You did an experiment!

10:52 AM  

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