Monday, July 05, 2004

Small dead things

On my way to get the paper. It is late in the afternoon. The heat and humidity have not disappeared despite the violent storm of yesterday's night.

I first see the long stream of ants swarming the body and I step aside to let them enjoy the pleasure of the enormous meal of the dead insect. It does not have its wings anymore. I keep walking and almost stumble upon another body, a bigger one buzzing with flies. A dead rat lying on the sidewalk. My stomach turns and I look elsewhere concentrating on the thought of the paper.

On my way back with the paper in hands, I try to anticipate the spot where it lies swarming. I look at the large dark shape coming closer and closer and suddenly realize that I am looking at a dark plastic bag while the rat is right here a meter away now, still swarming with flies.
I keep looking at the bag and see a woman and her dog coming toward me. They will pass the rat soon, the dog will want to eat or touch it. I stopped and turned to watch in a sickening anticipation.
Nothing happens and the two keep on walking.


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