Saturday, July 31, 2004

Two for the price of none

We are just coming out from the movie, "The Bourne Supremacy", a fast paced movie perfect for the end of a busy afternoon. We are in one of these megaplex where many other movies are shown and it seems an innocent game to try to sneak in another theater. Our first attempt is unsuccessful. "Can I see your tickets?" I pretend to be looking for the bathrooms, lame excuse if there was ever one. We walk back out but A. has not given up. He wants to try the other entrance. I want out. We make a deal. I will wait outside. If he can get in, all the power to him and I'll get back home by myself. I'm watching him walk up to the woman in the entrance and coming back. No surprise here, I think. But to my utter amazement he tells me that all is arranged. We can just walk in. I am stunned "How did you do that?". He smiles mischievously. "I just told her: 'I just want to sneak in with my friend. Would that be OK?' and she said yes." For her, the pleasure to grant him his wish was more important than the respect of the theater rules. A. derives a real joy from knowing that she was a real human being with him, not lost in her role of cashier. I am so surprised that I tell him no. He can go in by himself, but I won't go in. He can't understand why. We are both getting in for free. What could possibly be better? I'm not sure but although I had no qualm about trying to sneak in, I can't get myself to walk in with the benediction of the cashier. It seems like cheating on cheating.


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