Thursday, August 19, 2004

Do I know you?

I am walking down to the movie theater. After a day fixing my car, I've decided to stay a pedestrian, walking and enjoying the streets and the people.
I notice him because he looks so much like a foreigner. I'm not sure why. He has long, straight blond hair with a slightly outdated cut. He is wearing shorts, a T-shirt and leathers sandals. He has a back pack and walks likes he knows where he is going. Nothing specially foreign but something in him says that he is not from there.
I see him coming toward me and then turn right in the street where I am turning left. He is slightly ahead of me and crosses the road, walking down on the other, quieter sidewalk.
At the bottom of the hill, I see him turning right and crossing the road back to my sidewalk and disappear as he keeps walking. By the time I arrive at the crossroad, he is gone. I keep walking toward the movie theater and make my way to the ticket booth inside. It's a cafe and a cinema with only one line for both drinks and movies. "The movie is in theater 2". I hear the cashier and recognize the guy with the back pack. Funny. We were both going to the same place, each hurrying for fear of being late. I must have make a gesture of recognition. Something that startled him. He looks at me with the look of someone searching his memory. "Do I know you?" his face is saying silently. I say nothing, just staring back blankly.


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