Saturday, August 14, 2004

Kerry! Kerry!

This morning on my way back from the market. I was walking on a usually quiet street that slopes down to my place. I first heard a loud voice of a man talking with the tone of someone telling a fairy tale to a child: "And then the woman asks 'Can I be part of the parade?' ". I am fully expecting to see a young kid hidden somewhere as I get closer. The voice is getting louder and I realize that the guy is speaking in a microphone linked to an invisible cell phone. There is no kid and he is talking about the demand of a woman during a Kerry campaign stop. Talking is not quite the term though. Shouting, hollering, broadcasting would be more like it. If the person on the phone is anywhere within a 100 miles radius, there is really no need for the phone. I hear "YES SO I TELL HER THAT I'LL SEE WHAT I CAN DO TO GET HER ON STAGE WITH KERRY AND SHE ASKS FOR ALL HER FAMILY TO BE THERE WITH HER AS WELL. SO I TALKED TO THE PEOPLE THERE AND WE GOT HER ON STAGE IN AREA A. WE MADE IT HAPPEN, MAN"
Nobody in the neighborhood now could ignore this point. If anyone wants to get on stage with Kerry. Talk to him. He'll make it happen. Like in a fairy tale.


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