Tuesday, August 10, 2004

Doing fine

Coming back from work, I pass the homeless shelter on my street. The doors open and I recognize Will walking out. Will, the man I used to buy my newspaper from, on my drive to work before my switch to a metro-bus commute.
I call his name. He does not recall mine but recognize me immediately. "How have you been? I've not seen you since such a long time!" I tell him about the accident and he is immediately concerned. "It was nothing serious", I want to reassure him, "but how are you?" He smiles a toothless smile. "I'm doing fine. I have jobs all over the neighborhood. Cutting grass and stuff." He is pointing in all directions. Showing me where he has been working. "I too have grass" I tell him " Even weeds. Nasty stuff. How do I get in touch with you?".
"Ask David. Over there." He is showing me one of the houses on the street. "He is my best friend. He'll know where to reach me".
We part after some more small talks. I should contact him before the end of the month. He probably needs the money sooner than that....


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