Thursday, August 05, 2004

Happy rats.

I am coming back from the movie theater and it is already dark. The bus has dropped me and another passenger just in front of a small park that I have to cross if I want to take a shortcut home.
No big deal, it is really a small park and I see that no one is sleeping on one of the benches. It looks completely deserted. All is well.
I start walking and I know that the other passenger is following me. She is a blond woman with a loud cell-phone that I heard in the bus. A strong Eastern European accent. Russian maybe.
I have not gone two meters when there is a commotion in front of me and I see several dark forms crossing the path in front of me. I can't count really. I just see shadows. About 4 of them.
I look closely toward the bush where they disappeared. Rats. Clearly rats, so comfortable in this city that they just go around freely at night.
I let a "ah" of disgust and turn to the woman I know is just behind. "Rats" I say. "Rats in the park". Her reaction is inexistent. She does not even look. Neither at me nor at the rats. She just goes on walking as if she was so used to it that the real surprise would have been not seeing any.
I keep walking to get out of this park quickly. I hear her talking loudly on her cell-phone. No mention of the rats.


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