Wednesday, August 25, 2004

Starbucks experience

I was in Starbucks ordering tea and some cookies. I usually don't go there: it's too expensive for what it is. But the movie was starting late, I wanted to read the paper before then. So Starbucks it was. "May I help you?" the woman is asking me with a bored air. I ordered tea- extra large cup with only one bag -- but I can't decide on the cookies. Brownie/Madeleine/Chocolate covered Graham. All look alike and not very good. I alternate between the three and the cashier is losing patience very quickly. There is no one else beside me in the shop and seeing her becoming all nervous about my indecision triggers some more reluctance to chose. I pay for a small package containing 3 madeleines. Another costumer is now here and as I get my tea and the madeleines, I realize that they are not fresh and hard as rock (Madeleines are soft biscuits). Three small staled and old cookies for $2. I change my mind again. I'd like a brownie. Maybe it will be a little fresher. The woman is beside herself now. She is looking at me as if I had just asked her to sacrifice her first born. She takes the brownie, throw it in a bag and hands it to me with no words but many, many sights. I smile and tell her to relax. She does not seem to hear or care. There is no refund. Just an exchange of bags. Plastic against paper. I go sit next to the windows with my paper opened and the tea getting cold already. The brownie is not worth the calories, nor the money. Maybe I should have ordered the Chocolate covered Graham.


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