Tuesday, November 16, 2004

Dancing in the subway

He literally danced his way in the metro. The doors opened and here he was, jumping in and dancing. A man with a funny black hat on his head. Looking about 50 or 60 but probably a bit younger. He passed me and went to sit a couple of rows behind. Soon enough he is back, standing in front of the exit doors, bouncing back and forth to the rhythm of a music only he knows.
He is clearly lost and asks for directions to a young lanky blond guy wearing on his lapel a small pink ribbon. Another three stops. One more than mine. We are approaching my stop when I see him getting ready. I fear that he misunderstood the instructions and so does the young fellow who helped him before. As the train enters the subway stop, I hear the instructions repeated twice, slowly for more impact. "13 and U. Yes. The next stop." The old man nods. He seems very impatient to reach his destination. He'll probably dance his way there.


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