Monday, March 07, 2005

They just collapsed.

The whole day was rotten. Insulted by the bus driver in the morning with a ever friendly "Go fuck yourself and get your fucking mode of transportation if you're not happy with my fucking bus!", locked out of my place, I was on my way back to work to get the keys I forgot on my desk. Two hours totally wasted.

I'm reading the most recent issue of CJR in the subway. A guy leans toward me and asks "What does CJR stand for?" I stop reading to answer "Columbia Journalism Review", and add, hoping to clarify it a bit more "It's a magazine for journalists on journalism. OK, but not that great. " I subscribe to it although I am not a journalist. It helps me take the pulse of the profession. See what concerns them. How do they see themselves.
The guy does not seem to get it completely, so I add, again hoping to be helpful "it's a bit too much on the left for my taste but it's interesting."

"A bit too much on the left" is probably what did it. The man launches in a rambling about politics, Iraq, greed, money, oil. Every other word in his mouth is a "buzz" word.
I am not paying too close attention until he starts talking about 9/11. He never mentions the event by name. There is no need. When he says "There was no plane, the buildings just collapsed" it is clear he is not referring to the demolition of a casino in Vegas.
and there's more: "The Pentagon was never hit. A ploy of the military and they got their budget increased."
His voice is powerful and everyone onboard can hear him. Few people react. Monday evening, on their way from work. Everyone is tired.

"Just collapsed?"
Where does one start with a sentence like this?


Blogger Solomon2 said...

Ask why it is so important for him to believe in what he is saying.

10:27 AM  
Blogger Just said...

This is a good point. I wonder if he believed it really or if 9/11 is so enormous that it has become the ultimate provocation: Say something controversial about 9/11 and one is guaranteed to shock.
"Epater le bourgeois" as we say in French..

10:34 PM  

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