Thursday, April 14, 2005

Random noise

A pub in upper Georgetown next to a gentlemen club. I had never noticed it before but it's hard to miss it tonight: the music is so loud that we can hear it from the parking spot we found a block away. My friend is here to check the singer of the band (called something like "The Black Jedi"). I came out of curiosity for the music and the place. We show up there at 11 PM. The night is young.
When we arrive there is a small group on stage. Teenagers playing very loudly but almost paralyzed by the endless world of the possibilities that the music allowed them, they play over and over again the same cord. The volume is deafening. The place is almost empty. This is not the band we came to see so we step out for a minute. There are a couple of guys outside, chilling out. We ask them about the black Jedi and they tell us that they cancelled because the drummer injured his foot walking his dog. Lame excuse. We start talking with them. They just played and one of them get inside and come back with a CD that he hands out to my friend. "Here", he says, "Check us up. We play around here and in Virginia. Come to see us sometimes". The name of the group is something like "awak". Not quite sure of the origin of the name. We talk music. Rock from the 80's (God! Save us!), Pop, Punk Rock. Just chatting in the street at midnight with two perfect strangers.
We left a bit later promising to come to their gig on Friday the 13th of May in Alexandria. I still don't know how they sound like.


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...they cancelled because the drummer injured his foot walking his dog. Lame excuse.


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