Saturday, April 09, 2005

Wizards of DC

I went to my first basketball game tonight, with a friend, a fan of the 76ers who were playing against the Wizards.
I love the ambiance of a stadium. The crowd, the chants, the noise. I've been to soccer games in France where the crowd is a bit rowdy but there is none (at least there was none) of the circus that awaits us. There are dancers, women followed by break-dancers. There are kids shooting basketball and adults playing a giant TicTacTo. And there are the "candid camera" moments. The camera panning the audience in search for couples who, when shown on the giant screen, have to kiss.
One such picture is of a middle-aged couple. The man has white hair and looks straight ahead. The woman immediately dives and hides her face in her jacket. It is clear that they do not want to be seen together. The guy behind us is yelling with delight "She is not his! This is not his woman!".
It reminds me the story that happened when I was in high-school. Two kids in my class had gone to the nearby Roland Garros to see the tennis open. Unfortunately we (and apparently the teacher) saw them on TV, in a wide shot of the public, looking very healthy and enjoying themselves when they were supposed to be home very, very sick.
Somehow they were cured and back in class the next day.

On the way out of the stadium, the kid who is wearing a blue sleeveless sixers jersey. It is giving him a tough gangsta look so at odd with his little arms. He must be about 4.


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