Sunday, April 03, 2005


I'm in a large home furnishing store just outside DC. Browsing and trying to get ideas. The writing on the wall above the "knobs and handles" section proclames "Because you want to show off your style in the smallest details". Considering the store, they could have just written "Because you want to show off".

There is a bed set up for display and a kid is on it. She cannot be more than 3 years old. An older sibling (about 6) is also on the bed, her head on the pillow. The father is slouched on the bed more than lying. His feet are on the ground, his head touches his older daughter's head. The younger one is in the middle of the bed. Sitting. She is wearing an adorable outfit and a little hat. I hear her father saying "OK, at the count of three, we'll call her". One, two, three. "MAMA!". The little girl only shouts, her voice echoing far beyond the "bedroom" section. He laughs and she laughs and now both are screaming "MAMA! MAMA!". Stopping and laughing. The older daughter has not say a word. She is just looking at her father and her sister screaming. I leave before the mother comes back.


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