Saturday, May 07, 2005

Parental approval

I was heading out to visit a friend. The day is gorgeous and I am walking up the street.
About 10 meters in front of me, I saw a car with Connecticut licence plates. A black Lexus. The doors open and out come an old couple impeccably dressed and very proper in a way that spells "money". Someone else got out of the car. A young guy shabbily dressed with a dirty jean and an old T-shirt about 2 sizes too small. He seems at ease with the couple and points to somewhere a little up the road. Somehow, I know exactly where they're heading. A house close-by that has just been reconverted in "luxury condos from the low 300's". The house is relatively small but I know that there are 7 units in it. All sold the first day of the open house last week.
This is where the couple and the young man are heading. I will bet anything that he just bought a unit and wants to show it (or at least the outside) to his parents.
I am not mistaken. They all stop in front of the house. The young guy is looking at his parents who are looking up to the house. His eyes are saying: "Is it good enough for me, Daddy? Is it good enough for you?


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