Saturday, June 04, 2005

I have issues

The woman is wet, soaking wet in this not so hot evening. I'm just exiting a showing of "Crash" at the American Film Institute in Silver Spring and I'm on my way back to my car. She must have come out of the fountain that stands in the middle of the fake square, in the fake downtown they opened less than a year ago.
She is wearing a T-shirt claiming "I have issues" that sticks to her skin. She is laughing at her friend who is shaking his head.


Blogger Solomon2 said...

Hey! That "fake downtown" is still miles better than what was there before! The presence of the AFI nearby was all part of the plan.

If YOU have a constructive suggestion of how to rebuild Silver Spring, go to the MNCPPC. If you want to take the time, there are public and semi-public meetings for input on these matters.

2:15 PM  

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