Saturday, May 14, 2005

Unpleasant market.

I'm waiting for the opening of the farmer's market in Mt Pleasant. I am seating in the sun, reading the paper and looking around. The stand on my left is that of a local creamery. The woman setting it up is a regular. She comes every Saturday wearing traditional outfit. A small white cap on her hair held together in a tight bun, a black dress and a white apron over it. She looks as if she had just escaped from a 17th century Dutch painting. Except that she is talking on a cell phone. And what is the greenish one?" I hear her asking. "Ah, ok" she says when she gets an immediate answer. Their truck is parked right behind their stand, the back doors opened for the unloading of the merchandise. A black guy comes walking right behind me. He is smiling to the sunny day and greets us with a "Wishing you a great day!" as he is walking by. He passes me first and continues to the left of the stand passing right behind the parked truck. I see the woman looking at him and rushing behind to check that he is not stealing anything from the truck's cargo. If the man notices her insulting behavior, he does not show it. He keeps walking, clearly enjoying the quietness of this Saturday morning. The woman comes back to her stand reassured than none of her precious green butter has disappeared.


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