Sunday, June 19, 2005

Too hot for walking

In an overcrowded zoo, waiting with friends for the orang utans to go to their other enclosure. They will use the "O-line", a suspended trail 70 feet above ground that allows them to move like in the jungle to the delight of people below them. The towers have live wires below the small platforms where the apes can rest so they have to keep going until the last tower, located in the middle of the other enclosure.
The volunteer in charge is explaining the logistic, the details, mixing interest facts to gross precision (linked to the fact that apparently, the orang utans love to go to the bathroom when suspended 70 feet in the air...). All are listening attentively.

The zoo is filled with kids of all ages. I hear a boy about 6 or 7 saying with a small voice "I wish I didn't have to walk that much". His mother does not answer. She just smile at him. I can almost hear her thinking "You're supposed to have fun! This IS fun!!".
It is hot.


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