Friday, September 09, 2005

Only in America

On Florida Ave, on my way back home. Two women walking and talking. One is dressed all in orange. Tight orange T-shirt that leaves very little of her body shape unmarked and a skimpy orange short. The other is covered from head to toes with a black Islamic gown. One can see only half of her face as even her forehead is covered with the black heavy fabric. I can see she is also wearing some sort of pants underneath as they come into view as she walks.
Both women are walking and talking. Both so dissimilar but each claiming theirs rights to be what they want to be, dress as they please. In total freedom. I can't help thinking that in a country run by the proponents of the heavily dressed woman, this would not happen. Her friend would be put to jail immediately or would be too afraid to dress like this. They don't do tight orange T-shirts and shorts in Iran.

But this is America. Live and let live.
I see them enter "Mecca", a small store catering to the local Muslim population.


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