Wednesday, October 12, 2005

Two new cars. One scared driver

An hilarious scene today on my way to work. I'm stopped at a red light at the bottom of the hill on Franklin Street, near Trinity College when I hear screeching breaks of a coming car. I turn around to see a battered white old car coming toward the car stopped on my right. The driver of that car must have heard and seen the same thing as the car move quickly a bit pass the red light to make sure it is not hit by the upcoming car. It's a brand new car with temporary licence plates. Dark red and still shiny. The white car is slowing down and comes to an halt. The driver is a teenage girl. There are 4 other girls in the car and they are all laughing and giggling. The car in front moves just a tiny bit to make sure that there is still a respectable distance between it and the white car. The girls move too. The two cars kept moving but small increment. The driver in the new car in front is clearly scared to death from the car behind. They move together bit by bit until the light turns green and the new car takes off as fast as possible. I see that the white car also have temporary tags. This car is "new" for the teenage driver behing the wheel...


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