Sunday, November 13, 2005

You don't need a weatherman...

On my way out from the movie theater (a delightful movie from Slovenia at the AFI). It's about 9:00 PM and I hurry toward my car. A woman comes up to me and I anticipate a question about money or directions when I hear: "Do you know what the weather will be like tomorrow?"
I make her repeat the question for fear that I misunderstood it, but not, it's really a weather forecast question. Unfortunately I don't know the answer and rake my brain to remember the previsions that I read yesterday in the Post. "I'm not sure", I say, "I think they said it will rain", adding "but that's from yesterday's paper so it may not be accurate."
She smiles with the incredulous air of an atmospheric scientist to whom someone has just asked to predict the weather for the next year. "In yesterday's paper! How do you want me to take you seriously!" I can almost read on her face. "Sorry" I offer, "I was not paying attention". She turns her attention away, looking for someone who would know.


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