Thursday, October 20, 2005

Line up

On my way driving back from work, probably around 8 PM. It is already dark and I am driving on Columbia Road. There are three police cars with their flashing lights on at the intersection with Georgia Ave. I'm stopped at the red light. I looked casually at the scene and see what I think is a man holding his hands up high in front of one of the police car. It seems that they have lined up a whole bunch of people for what seems a nasty round up. Then I realize my mistake: I'm looking at a painted fence, decorated with a lot of portraits including one that seems to be of a man at his graduation day, throwing his hands in the air. He has a kid nearby. I can't see all the others. In the darkness of the evening and surrounded by the police cars, I mistook the drawings for real people. The left side of the fence is an unfinished sentence on unfinished education...


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