Saturday, January 21, 2006


On my way to work this morning. I see the old man pointing the birds to the woman on the passenger's side of the car parked at the corner of W and 14th street. He is holding a bag and after making sure the woman is looking, he walks into the parking lot (the one where people gather in the early morning for work) and starts emptying the bag. Soon the pavement is covered with bread crumbs and pigeons flying in from the nearby roofs. Small birds come too but they don't have a chance in front of pigeons. The man is oblivious to the many birds that swarm around him. He is still pouring the bread and shakes the bag to make sure it is completely empty.
I see seagulls joining the party as I drive away, surrounded by the sound of the birds and the honks of the impatient drivers behind me.


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