Thursday, June 10, 2004

Butt naked

In a car driving back from a meeting with 3 colleagues. The streets are grey and depressing. A Korean restaurant named "1.7 generation". I remember it from a couple of days ago when I was driving with S. He had pointed it out to me and we both wondered about the meaning of the name. Now I mused about it aloud but I am met with a polite silence. "It's probably some long and boring story" says one of my colleagues. I realize that I would be afraid to know it. Maybe it is boring after all...

On my way home, I pass a house with an open porch. There are three kids playing and enjoying both the heat and the water they're splashing around. I notice that one of the children, a little girl about 2 years old, is totally naked. She is shrieking with happiness and I hear the excitement in her high-pitch voice. There is an adult sleepily keeping an eye on the children. I say hello as I walk past them.


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